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"Matt is a creative, flexible and enthusiastic teacher who quickly adapts to different learning styles and ability levels. He is extremely effective at one-on-one tutoring, and our lessons were fun! I made much more rapid progress toward my goal of being able to think and express myself in Spanish than I had in any other class setting, including with other tutors. A pleasure to work with!" - Dr. Theresa S., Bethesda, MD

"I had a really tough time with Spanish before I was taught by Matt Fitzgibbons. Together we tackled Spanish head on and I improved greatly. In class he was engaging and very understandable. When he would help me after school he was dedicated and caring. I can't say enough about how great a teacher and person Matt is." -- Nathaniel A., Easton, MA

"I was fortunate enough to have Matt Fitzgibbons for Honors Spanish 3, and never has a year of Spanish gone by so quickly. I came from a much easier lower level class and was scared out of my mind on the first day when everyone was speaking in Spanish. By the end of the year, I could, with confidence, hold a complete conversation in Spanish. I felt so comfortable speaking that I travelled to Argentina and stayed with a host family for three weeks. Having Matt as a teacher was the turning point in my Spanish education. The next year I earned an achievement medal on the National Spanish Exam, and this year I am taking AP Spanish 5. In addition to being an excellent teacher, Matt is a great person and some day I plan on moving to where ever he's teaching so that he can teach my children... I hope he doesn't get creeped out by this." -- Anne J., Boxford, MA

"Matt Fitzgibbons is the best teacher you could ever ask for in your entire life. The end, case closed. He is fabulous in every sense of the word. We used to always do exercises on the chalk board and the class would have to reply "si o no" if the answer was right/wrong and senor would alwayssss tell us to be more enthusiastic when we yelled our answers out loud. :] I also remember those extremely comfy black chairs in his classroom. Sooo—I love Matt Fitzgibbons, hands down he is the best teacher I’ve ever had, ever." -- Demitra K., Medford, MA 

"I have never had a teacher who was more enthusiastic than Matt Fitzgibbons was. I was privileged to have him in class for Honors Spanish 1 and 2. I was never bored and I learned so much from him. He made it easy to learn Spanish with games that were entertaining and fun. He is also a great person, and he truly cares for his students well-being. I always looked forward to going to his class. He is the best teacher I have ever had." -- Katie G., Medford, MA

"Matt Fitzgibbons has has helped me through some tough years of high school and has created trust with his students. He found ways to make learning Spanish fun and has created a passion for the language in many people that have taken his courses. An inspiration to all and a teacher most will never forget." -- Kat H., Lynnfield, MA 

"Matt Fitzgibbons is really an amazing teacher. The only downside of our experience together was that we didn't get to work as long as I would've liked, which would've been years and years (although I still would've worked with him even if my Spanish were impeccable)! He is an extremely encouraging, inspiring, organized--and funny!!!--teacher, who always kept the classroom atmosphere cheerful, and who, I felt, truly cared for his students. I would walk out of every class feeling like I'd learned an incredible amount, that every minute of class had been more than worthwhile...our family will never forget him!" -- Ariana P., Lexington, MA

"Matt Fitzgibbons is an amazing teacher, a great man and an even better inspiration. He truly cares for his students and makes every effort to seek out individuals and help them. I was not the best student in Spanish and my time spent with Matt outside of class on an individual basis greatly helped me understand the language. He is the type of teacher that is truly dedicated to teaching and cares about the students' ability to comprehend concepts. Truth is, nobody can describe Matt, you have to meet him in person to understand what great guy he is. I was by no means a Spanish enthusiast walking into his class, but his love of language is contagious (just like his humor), and I found that more than the curriculum he teaches, the passion that he passes on encourages a person to learn more about a language. Often I remember my class using Spanish phrases such as "No me digas!" in the hallways and at sporting events. This is what I found is so great about Matt, he created a great environment for his students and inspired them to learn more." -- Nick G., N. Reading, MA

"Having spent an amazing three years of my high school career with Matt Fitzgibbons, I can most confidently say that he is the best teacher I have ever had the privilege of learning under. His enthusiasm, dedication to his students, and love of the Spanish language are unlike anybody else's that I have ever seen before. He puts forth the extra effort to make sure that every one of his students is learning, and teaches the material in such a way that one does not realize that one is learning. The passion which he has for Spanish is utterly infectious, and one cannot help but get caught up in it. Matt planted an unshakable love of Spanish in me, and, largely because of his teaching, I became very interested in assisting Latin American immigrant and refugee populations, and am currently applying to study abroad in Cuba. Not only is Matt a dedicated teacher, but he also is a dedicated Christian and a truly gracious, considerate, and caring person. He has a keen sense of humor that makes all his students feel at ease in his classroom, and fosters both a comfortable learning environment and a place to grow as a person. Spanish is most definitely not the only thing Matt teaches. Compassion, friendship, creativity, laughter, and love for one's neighbor were all on the agenda of every class session. The best part about class was that it was never a burden. His teaching is unparalleled by anyone I have ever met before or after I met him. I was always excited to go to every class, and I loved visiting him even when I didn't have class (and even during my senior year, when he wasn't my Spanish teacher) just so I could have a leisurely talk or tell him something great that I had been able to do using Spanish. My favorite part of my high school career was meeting Matt, hands down. The truth is that I would really not be the person I am today without his guidance and support." -- Christina G., North Reading, MA

"How can I say so much about such a great man in such a small place? Matt Fitzgibbons is truly one of the greatest teachers that I have ever had. Matt's profound and genuine care for both his students and the Spanish language is clearly evident in any amount of time spent with him. The true test of a great teacher is whether or not the teacher changes the lives of his or her students. Well, one memory that sticks out from many to me is my freshman year Spanish class, which was a group of twenty or so new students to Austin Preparatory School. None of us knew each other, but he was able to bring us together in such a way that those students in that class with me are still close friends of mine. I was fortunate enough to have Matt for the next two years, three years total. After taking senior year off for Spanish, I needed to take another Spanish course when I arrived at college. Using my residual knowledge that Matt instilled in me, I was able to get an A in class fairly easily. My professor knew that I had taken a year off from Spanish, and she told me at the end of the semester that I "must have had a fantastic Spanish teacher in high school". I proudly replied that I did. Matt Fitzgibbons is a fantastic teacher, but an even better person who deserves nothing but the best in his life in exchange for how many lives he has made better day in and day out. -- Drew G., Fairfield, CT

"While I could speak about Matt Fitzgibbons' attention to detail, love of the Spanish language, exceptional teaching ability, humor and ability to make a class entertaining, I would instead like to take the time to say that Matt was and is one of the most generous, kind-hearted, wise individuals I have ever met. Aside from all of the Spanish vocabulary and structure he has taught me in the two years I was a student of his, he encouraged and cared for me more than any other teacher I have ever had. He truly made me feel like not only was I his student, but his personal friend or even son. I cannot begin my glowing praise of this man, he is a person that changes the lives of everyone he comes into contact with." -- Justin M., Billerica, MA 

"Matt Fitzgibbons Rules! What else is there to say? Besides providing an excellent curriculum and making me care about learning Spanish, he is really dedicated and makes class interesting. I remember when we put on Spanish skits and for one reason or another I had a skirt, heels and a blonde wig on. None of us could stop laughing when the principal walked in!" -- Brian R., Wakefield, MA 

"Matt Fitzgibbons is the epitome of awesome. Hands down one of the best teachers I've ever had. I had him for three consecutive years and I learned so much, but at the same time Matt found ways to make class fun and interesting. We'd play games/perform skits which at the same time helped us learn more Spanish. With Matt as my teacher I learned Spanish so easily and it was a great time learning it. MATT FITZGIBBONS ES EL DIOS DEL ESPAÑOL!!!!!!!!!" -- Kishan B., Boston, MA

"Matt Fitzgibbons was an amazing teacher. He always found new and innovative ways to make learning the Spanish language interesting and fun. He was one of the greatest teachers I have ever had." -- Tricia G., Wilmington, MA 

"Matt Fitzgibbons was a great teacher. He really helped me obtain more consistent study habits, and because of him, I now feel confident enough to enter AP Spanish V"-- Chris M., North Reading, MA 

"Matt Fitzgibbons' dedication and genuine enthusiasm towards Spanish set him apart from other teachers and has inspired me to develop a love for learning the language."-- Micheline T., College Park, MD

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