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"Matt Fitzgibbons is the best teacher we have ever hired. After only a few sessions with Matt, our daughter's performance in Spanish began to improve dramatically. Matt helped our daughter approach language learning in a more structured and organized way, and his natural enthusiasm also helped increase our daughter's motivation and interest in Spanish. We have hired a lot of tutors in various subjects over the years, and Matt is by far the best of them all." -- Sheri C., Bethesda, MD

"Matt Fitzgibbons is a wonderful tutor that I'd like to recommend to you. He teaches Spanish and ESL at Georgetown Prep, and he has also been tutoring my kids and two of their friends for the past 1 and 1/2 years. I think he is unbelievably good, so professional, extremely well-organized, and incredibly thorough in his preparation. He also is very experienced with kids of all ages. He teaches high school kids for his regular position, but he also has taught adults, and - when he started with our kids - younger kids. He takes his teaching very seriously so he gears each class to the needs of those particular students - for example, he incorporates movement into his classes, to keep our kids having fun and engaged - and my kids have done great with him. In addition, he's just a really kind, thoughtful person." - Sarah D., Bethesda, MD

"Matt, thank you for your thoughtful approach to my daughter's learning style and issues around repairing emotional damage that could interfere with her learning. Since the end of my daughter's elementary school, I do not believe I have been in the company of a teacher as enlightened as you are about teaching to the whole child and accommodating learning styles and emotional distractions to give a child every opportunity to feel good about learning and to be successful. You have certainly taken the time to try to understand and hear about my daughter, and then some. I wish you could be my daughter's classroom teacher; your school is very lucky to have you. You are worth every cent that you charge, and then some." -- Linda S., Bala Cynwyd, PA

"Matt is the kindest, most amazing teacher I have ever met. He is perfect for Steven and he will continue to work with Matt for the rest of the year. I can't put into words how amazing Matt is. If every teacher were like him -- WOW-- there would be no problems at all with our educational systems.....but that is what separates the Great from the just ok..............Matt is better than great -- he is exceptional." -- Christine R., Malvern, PA 

"Matt is an excellent Spanish tutor with lots of background in the subject area. Matt worked with my daughter for about 2 months and she loved every minute of it. He is knowledgeable, encouraging, smart and punctual. My daughter has even asked for homework assignments from him now, what teenager in their right mind asks for more work? He's just a great guy, very professional and I recommend him highly. Plus, if my daughter would ever need another Spanish tutor for whatever reason Matt is the only one I would choose." -- Darlene M., Ardmore, PA

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