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Professional Language Instruction designs programs to help you master clear, effective communication in both English and Spanish. The instructor, Matt Fitzgibbons, has studied both languages extensively, and has successfully taught children, adolescents and adults over the course of his eighteen-year career. Matt has made it his personal mission to guide students to their peak of achievement in language, and possesses extensive experience in every aspect of language teaching, from accurate listening and reading comprehension skills to clear, effective speaking and writing skills. Whether you are looking to assist your child in preparing for the Critical Reading &

Writing, English, Reading Comprehension, and Essay sections of their SAT and ACT exams, or you are seeking to develop strong Spanish communication skills for business, school, or leisure, Matt will create a program designed just for you.

To read Matt's biography, click here.

For Matt's professional profile, with over 50 colleagues and former students endorsing his teaching and his language skills, look for him on LinkedIn.

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